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We at Harrison Tree Service are undeniable tree lovers. We adore the types of trees in our region and love how they can so effortlessly provide us with beauty and protection from the elements.

But trees are not indestructible and are not meant to last forever. When you have a tree that has become damaged or diseased or is just obstructing other land uses, call on the best in tree removal service in Memphis, TN at Harrison Tree Service. We can provide you with full service that is safe, thorough, and truly economical.

The tree removal specialists at Harrison Tree Service have seen and handled all types of tree conditions. We have provided them with the correct equipment and tools to take on:

• Hazardous Trees
• Dead Trees
• Storm Damaged Trees
• Uprooted Trees
• And Other Situations

No tree is too large or too difficult to reach for our efficient team. When we arrive at the scene, we will inspect the area and designate a safe spot to use for debris as we remove branches. We have the bucket trucks, cranes, and safety measures we need to keep surrounding property and people safe as we work.

Once the tree is down, we can provide complete stump removal service. This means grinding the stump to about a foot below ground level and then backfilling the hole. You are left only with a level spot and a load of mulch you can spread throughout your garden.

For tree removal service in Memphis you can trust, call on the specialists at Harrison Tree Service.

We can provide safe and through service for affordable prices.

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